Teaser video in the lead up to the launch of the new Sunseeker Hawk 38 yacht

sunseeker.com home page teaser

Event invitation email to the press and social GIF

A 4D experience was created to show the yacht for the first time at The Monaco Boat show – with a film of the boat travelling towards the audience with a hawk wing-shaped wake behind it, the sound of the boat ripping through the water and the feel of a light ocean spray.

The final frame of the 4D animation showed an overhead shot of the Hawk 38 creating a wake in the shape of an eye. The boat sped out of shot leaving the eye to contract, as if pumped full of adrenalin – an unrivalled high.
Eye graphics were placed on the bottom of cocktail glasses at the event and a wave installation was created for it.

The new Sunseeker Hawk 38 brochure

Online film showing luxury fashion items flying off the back of boats

Outdoor posters around Monaco at the time of the event to advertise Sunseeker's fastest boat to date.

The speed campaign continued in publications such as GQ

My roles in this project:
Concept creation with copywriter of all campaign elements | Art Direction
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